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————————————————-Now come.” Layla followed dutifully, her hair streaming behind her as he led her briskly toward the unknown.Most days of the week Cory and Bill went about their lives the way most couples that have been together for the better part of ten years do but this was Thursday, their special day of the week and even more than just being any Thursday of any week, it was the anniversary of the date when they met so Cory took off the jeans and sweat shirt she had worn since that morning, tossed them onto the foot of the bed, and went about the task of deciding what she wanted Bill to see when he got home from work that evening.I was living it.Just amazing.The final two men stood in front of her at the same time.As they were all slightly intoxicated, and Carolina found herself wanting more time with Michael, she agreed and they walked to the hotel and into the boys’ suite.Walking towards me, she grabbed my plate, then promptly heads to the livin

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