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About an hour later (1230 am) I walked out into the small lobby area and the airport was dead quiet.Annie said I agree baby our Daddy is the best!A couple of strange notices were that in case of fire, unless a person was right next to an external exit, it was best to stay right where you were, close any doors and hit the emergency (green) button behind the main access to engage the air circulation system.Lou asked for the bathroom she stood up pointed down the hall she went to get drinks.“No! I’ll clean up later.It wasn’t long before I reached my peak, jerking and moaning.She holds his hands.Like Tyrone they were both muscular black man and we're kind of ghetto looking.He took me by my hair and forced his hard pulsating dick into my mouth.”you think she‘s ready?”Laurie snuffed, nodded.I quickly nodded.I reveled in all of them.However, he’s going to cost you a bit.She with a knowing smile replied, “But of course.” And handed it to me. She asked if I would like some h

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