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“No it’s fine, I’d feel awkward with you here while my roommate is. I’m also dead tired and if the last few hours were any clue, you’re gonna keep me up all night... maybe some other time though?He was intent on cramming as much into her so she willl have to painfully shit them out later.I may have lost some of the detail over the years, but basically, it’s almost exactly as it happened.Using the long nails of her other hand to add to the mix.Of course I couldn't get back too sleep.He felt powerless to defy her in any way.Something that wouldn't be good, but...The longer we relaxed, the sleepier we became, our lack of exertion resonating with our early breakfast.Peter had discarded the breast and was pushing his hand down into her skirt where my hand had lingered erotically just a few hours earlier.I remember this one time when he invited an old man to strip me. The poor old dear was a bit reluctant at first but with Ryan’s assurance and encouragement he came over and did