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I was still somewhat oblivious about the XXX Tube ramifications of this at that time, but very tenderly comforting to her in her obvious distresses over it.Why did he have to be here right now?"Ah!She asked.Hank smiled as he knew he had the teacher now.“Ah, yes,” Lucy said with a smile and a laugh, “and then there is that.”It dribbled down her youthful features.“Good boy, we’ll finish what I had planned for the evening, and then I’ll put your loyalties to the test.”This drug cartel needs an ass-kicking."Now," I said.“AAAAHHHH, your pussy is squeezing meeeeee.OH…MY… GOD, OH…MY GOD was all she could utter as I attacked her cunt relentlessly with my tongue.My G-spot.That was video she definitely didn’t want anyone else to see.Several times, I caught her gazing in my direction, and once, when I made eye contact, she blushed and looked away.The women were led to what looked like butcher’s blocks.But of course, I’m getting a head of myself, as you are her owner, It’s

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