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Both slaves were in pain sobbing and their faces a mess from the make-up running.I was getting a little moist by the time I had finished.“To reach this pinnacle of skill...Fields.She waltzed into the bathroom and I asked if she needed help washing her back..or front??An impaling that arouses me out of my mind seems tame compared to how she must feel having the sharp wooden spine from that horse knifing into her sex.I started the water and took off my clothes when my phone dinged.My daughter quivered, trembling.The even greater purpose of a torture session, of course, was to provide Mučenian noblewomen with lots of fun!Lucas looked a little uncomfortable but the Singha beers were chilled now and he soldiered on.Adonis?Something about his tone was forceful, yet soothing at the same time.And calling him 'Sir,' as well.Why does it feel so good?!And I ain't gonna lie, I got to really lovin him.“No! No! Not again!” she shouted and shook her arm in a vain attempt to dislodge him.Ther