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“You must reeeeally like this girl.” Tegan said wryly, once she had her breath back.Maria pursed her lips and looked down at the sprawling, exhausted human, her face a mess of spit, cum and smeared makeup, her complexion blotchy, her neck and wrists already showing the early signs of bruising, not to mention how sore her ass and throat must be, soothed only by the masses of Orc cum now pooled within her.Margaret had deliberately entered her son's room without knocking, hoping to catch him in the nude.That is all I knew about sex until you taught me how to actually enjoy it.She gave a garbled shriek as her flesh began to deteriorate, every drop of blood pulled from her veins, taking her vitality with it.I smiled to myself as he made a hopeless job of trying to take some covert photos of me and my pussy.That doesn’t sound like fun, even if it is possible.”I asked Dan.Woolies were always quite quiet on Mondays so she was standing bored at a till next to another girl.she wasn’t h

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