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“Fathers.” I said, “Astrid is picking fathers.”“Much as I’d love to play, lover, I’ve brought us coffee then I have to go down and clean the pool, why don’t you shower while I’m down there, I’ll have one when I’ve finished.”The strong breeze, sound of rough waves lashing, her hands in hand with a stranger with a deep voice and an element of surprise made it the most worthwhile place to be.She wiggled in surprise for a moment, but then gasped as his cock parted her wet cunt-lips and slid into her fucktunnel.This tension wrapped around us.I had just sat on the couch when she leaned over to kiss my cheek before turning and walking back up the stairs to rejoin my mother and sister in the kitchen."You ready to use your mouth, princess?" he said.Had it really been that long?She evaluated my words for a moment then replied “Yeah?“Ooooo Yeah!'I have seen it' she replied.“Then nothing changes,” Scott replied.Alex stood and walked to the door.The mortician gently

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