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"I'M SLAPPIN' THE FUCKIN' SHIT OUT OF THEM!!" she yelled out, trying to draw more attention from the frenzied crowd as she threw all of her weight into each jump.“Nicole, your timing is off.”Daddy made all my decisions for me. Even though I was about to be punished, such excitement surged through me.Not all, but enough to make me aware that eyes were on me. Scratching the back of my head with a blush I realize that I’m still a little shy with this new-found attention I receive.I stammer.This is going to be humiliating.Well, she was talking to dad about it and he just sat there and listened.Futas and girls moaned around me.I brush my teeth and wash my face, rinsing my mouth with Scope which I spit out immediately as it burned the open wound in my lip.“Well, honey I did not walk in on them.Every blast made me shudder.He whimpered.I had just hit the landing when Brandon came out of the bathroom wrapped in a towel.She swung the two leg restraints outwards, spreading Laura's legs w

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He was just standing there with the head of his cock inside me.Even if Sara only went to the for her clinic clothes one for her non-clinic clothes.“Your towel fell on the floor; it’s to your right.”“Come to Appleby’s, the bar”This happened more and more, as I began to move up and down his shaft, and soon his head was pushing against my dress, wetting the fabric as it begged to bury itself inside of me.Shit, I thought, a direct hit.No, I said to myself, I have plans.By now the women were starting to cheer and catcall.I support them.I don't know what would happen if she saw either of the twins right now.I felt so wild and wanton.The initial pain was incredible and my ass burned with pain as the dog started to pump inside me. He didn't care what hole he filled as I whimpered, "please stop please, please it hurts so much."As he looked back into mine, he shuddered and grabbed the back of my neck to pull me for a sensuous kiss.We kissed for a while, then I told her,

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