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Like I was.Does the idea of fucking a mom then her daughter turn you on?” I didn’t have to respond verbally, my body told her all she needed to know.At that she whispered that she didn’t have a lot of time, so she mounted her rounded body up over me under the covers and installed my now gloriously upraised member right up and into her secret place between her hips.He had an impressive physique, and Aurelia noted the way that his muscles bulged and flexed as he gripped onto his spear, jabbing it at his opponent cautiously.She came on his fat cock, her juices spilling out of her stretched pussy.“I couldn’t possibly get all of your big . . .“I am straight…I am comfortable sharing a woman with another man…here are your rules…if you want to add someone to our playtime, I need to be introduced BEFORE they are told we're fucking.The only drawback for me was I couldn’t really get a good view of his cum spurting out of his cock when he started to cum.In about a week, my ass

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