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I thought guys like non-committal quickies.”She pushes down but stopped.We hugged.The tightening of her muscles betrayed her and so he stayed on top as she struggled again, panting, even growling with frustration.“She also enchanted this place,” Shelly said, looking around, “so that as long as someone leaves food for us, we can return for one more day.”There definitely was something going on between them, and it was also obvious that she talked him down, but didn’t fully break up with him.I worked through the front yard and then headed to the back.Maxi smiled up at me then repeated what she said the first time we screwed “Make me feel good Pete.” I spit some saliva on my hand, wet the end of my cock then pushed gently into my sister.Are you still there?”I smiled politely and asked, “What’s so funny?”“Yeah, I'm renting a house out there for the week.” I told her.Upon seeing me she stepped outside, closing the door behind her.I blew it off as a one time thin

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