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About 5 minutes later the lifeguard came over and told us to stop splashing everyone.Walking fast was no longer an option; it caused an unacceptable bounce that attracted way to much attention.I repeated my questions silently, trying to think of the old movie or book that might be the source of this particular hallucination.I looked at myself in the mirror and saw that I could only just see the diamond when I stood up straight.My body felt limp, my bones felt like jelly and beads of sweat slowly rolled down my forehead.Carol needed to calm down and relax, so she went and had a nice hot shower.No one has seen it yet."Oh my God" I groan, as I feel every drop of blood in my body rush to my groin, while the evidence of my lust grows stiffer in my slacks by the second.Oh, I love you!And so he continued, “We know of your condition and the prognosis of your eventuality.I could have picked out her father even without Lucy as my guide.The sanctum of her body had been violated, her will and fr

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