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“You’re beautiful,” she heard Ryan whisper.She asked trying to embarrass me.“They didn't just feel good . They felt great !” Bea admitted, and then took a long pause before continuing, “I was enjoying the heck out Freddy fingering me. He was moving his fingers all around inside me, and exploring every part of my vagina that he could reach.Undressed, it’s assumed I’m available, and I attract far more attention.“Plug it up, lad.” Angus gestured at the plug still in his hand.The other slaves here seem to be able to read minds, it seems.She seemed to know what she was doing: pleasuring my lips going back and forth at the perfect speed.It wasn’t cute like saying “red, yellow or green” and it wasn’t some bizarre word that one would never say during sex to ensure that there was no confusion.This thought made her finally pull herself together and shout.He grabbed the keys to his truck and yelled for Charlie.He then did the same to his other leg, then placed the keys

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