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Get to know your way around and just be comfortable.You may even get to see some other special things too.”"Now you get to watch your precious girlfriend become one of us!"“Are you excited at the thought of a new man fucking you very soon, while I watch baby?” I tease, knowing the answer.My pussy clenched at the delicious delight surging around my girl-dick.Lucilla moved into the room, shorter than Bernie, her brown eyes wide as she watched me. She squirmed, her skirt swaying about her lithe legs, her round breasts jiggling in her top.The air brakes hissed as Cliff saw the girls walking towards the rig in his side-view mirror.Your friend might not be in the same room, the door might be locked, so on and so forth.I take the chair next to her.Soon Carlos felt the frustration building in his balls, he looked into her half opened eyes and exploded, sending torrents of cum flooding into Liana’s warm dead pussy.“Not like you actually stood a chance with her,” I tell him.“Sean j

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