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The smile on Linda’s face and the look in her eyes made the whole situation even hotter for me.You didn’t think I’d be showering alone did you?” She grinned, squeezing him around the waist before letting go and moving to stand up, forcing him to rise with her.“Oh yes I can see that happening.He grinned and led me back to the bar, where we ordered a drink and some nachos.“No.”We had fallen asleep after fucking half the night and now somebody was up.“Chantel, this is Shay.“Of course, Matt,” he replied, standing as he excused himself from the table.When she stood up I kissed her and we felt each others breasts.Andy!If it was just one Pillar, it would be easy, but it’s three.The entire time I watched one dude standing to the side watching us, then the crowd.God, that was an awesome feeling!Pushing up her hair behind her ears, her blue eyes wandered over her body as she mulled over her dress choice."Do you like that?" he whispered.And we got closer....You wait a couple