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At least that was some small consolation.Kelly caught that comment, smirked and with a bit of sarcasm said, “You are not too bad yourself.” All three of us laughed, said our goodbyes and I walked out the door.After they came to live with us, we all grew very close and that continues.She was decked out in a black body stocking that just accentuated her hips and tits head pulled back"Who cares about Jon?“You’ll have to take my word for it,” Scarlett said, interrupting and squeezing my muscle, “but it’s easily as hard as this and probably even harder.” I doubted that my face could have been redder than it was at that instant.Now what?Then I as on the table in front of dad and spread my legs wide.I had the sudden urge to play with her.Oh God!Dakota came bursting into the bedroom.These women would be sold on Devil's Island, of course the poor women had no idea what awaited them, but they would find out soon enough.I didn’t want to be weird about it, so I didn’t protest

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