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"Looks like you are enjoying yourselves" mom said and we turned to look at her.As my finger reached her clitoris i began to tease it and drive her wild, she never stopped squirming and making gentle purring noises.Every time that I went through them their hands were everywhere.So I twist and turn my wrists instead, trying to reach back to the buckles with my fingers, and there also I quickly confirm that even touching them would require an impossible act of contortion.I gave her a wicked grin, "Yes mom, I am going to fuck you with my big cock.“Love her.And though it absorbed and mitigated much of the damage, the idol still shook violently when James' magic passed through it.His cum began oozing out of her pussy so she grabbed the paper napkin she had used for the drinks to stop it staining the sofa.Lexi looks back and tells Billy "ok, lust like last time and remember to pull it out before you cum".“I know you want to.At that point, she releases her grip on me.Both of us would get r

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