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I just took her hand and squeezed it, nodding for her to continue.A dark yet lustful memory that confused her brain and made her wonder about the overlap between pain and pleasure, past and present.“I’ve never had sex Mr. C.” “I’ve kissed and fondled with guys but I never met a guy that I felt would appreciate my virginity.”Girl: Well, I didn’t know anything.I knew I should have been consoling, I knew I should have been loving and understanding, but I couldn’t help myself; I burst into laughter.He stopped the car and pressed his face into the steering wheel.I shuddered as I sank to the hilt in Shania, her silky, hot flesh wrapped about me.And still we played, I guess I just never really thoght she would go thru with it and if so she wouldnt find a guy that uses a 12 inch ruler to measure his cock.It was then that I noticed that she had started to pay less attention to her meal.“Haven’t had any luck.She picked up the little water glass and rinsed, then spat that out

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