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My body convulsed again and I screamed again.Perfect.Are you ready for your surprise?” ‘Surprise?’ I thought.“I love you too, Frank, as much as Jean does.“After Alkandi died, Alkandra fell to ruin.” Zander continued, “The factions that she united began to war with one another.In fact we have only fucked 4 times this month and one of the times she got off mine and went to his house.“That’s what I like to hear.” I said, grabbing his shoulder, and turning to the other orcs, “When I’m not here, Grok’s in charge.Just then, from out of nowhere jumped a jungle man. He was completely naked except for a thin loincloth that hung between his legs.“RJ?” He still had his back to me and I watched his shoulders heave with his desperate sobs.Kamala was still a long way off.I put on the coffee and ran back to the bathroom toShe bundled up the the shirt, bra and the blazer and flew away like a sly owl.He falls back onto the bed, chest heaving.He could feel her shivering be

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