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It would serve my daughter, too.“However, that being said, if there is something that you DO want to do, you have my full permission to do it.The meal was excellent with a mix of classical cuisine and local products.He could feel the cum boiling in his adolescent balls.Wait.“I am obviously turning you on with my story baby, look at your cock bulging.He chuckled, “No, but I can always make another trip to the sex shop.”I realized that I was having longer and exquisite orgasms with Bill as he would keep describing how excited he would be if he could watch one of our friends cock pumping deep into my pussy, how he wanted to see their cum oozing from me. Every time we made love, I environed each one and what his cock would feel like as it would swell and erupt his cum deep into my womb."Hey, Kat?"We had a long talk and decided that we would put the baby up for adoption."What?"I stared into his eyes, begging him.“His entire family,” I growled.“It’s their fault for being so

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