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I want to watch her give into being dominated.Malus lay there, looking up at the flesh hooks, whips and chains dangling from the dark ceiling, refusing to let his eyes water from the pain still throbbing about his rear.No words were needed; they understood one another perfectly.Tami looked over at him, saw the large bulge in his boxers and smiling to herself said, "Come on, it's cold, get into bed."But Sadie should have known better than to ask him for the prize, she knew he wanted her taken care of first.“Now you sound like a child, but exactly.”“The first time?‘better safe than sorry’Like a mug, I said ‘yes’.I'd fucked them, bred them.I had a commercial company come and get all the linen from the Gym and had them pick up the household towels and sheets also, leaving me with only our clothes to wash. I went to my room to shower and dress down for a night of sitting in front of the Box.Before them, the hallway ended in a small set of marble stairs that led down into a lar

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