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Finally, my need to breath forced me to pause.With a paired set of lips and muffled moans, I shook the table as I came, continuing to pump and thrust as cum rushed out of me like a hose."Yeah, but Sally, I did it again, with Evan, I was with him, again.You don't remember what the hell we were wearing?"“Well Irma, I can say honestly that I haven’t thought about any future with Gloria.Come on girls everyone has to do their part, and I have missed you girls a lot.“Jesus,” I gasped, ripping my cock out of my daughter.Ok. Now the other.“I fucking hate you!” I sobbed, the pain so excruciating I was thrashing, my hips writhing at the apex of my bridged legs.He also could see 2 hoses coming off it.“I’m not sure that I want to try that.” Emily replied.He told her that in addition, her behavior was endangering the other girls who *didn't* want to be fingerfucked while they worked - it was encouraging customers to blur the line.“Yes because I had REALLY good orgasms, but no be