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To his self-disgust, his erection had not subsided at all.“I love you, too,” I groaned as drew back my hips.“You are like a brother to me”, I said.If I could find a way to get laid, especially by a girl like Paige, I was going to take it.Amy had left a couple of fresh towels out on the counter next to the sink.Ooh, yes you're grinding the dildo's base against my clit.Liquid dripped out of her pussy as I kept my pace.We roared off up the road and I made for a country restaurant about half hour's drive away."We will have to do it again."I will tell you a little secret about the locked door.She impales throat with my rod and in doing so causes me to unfurl my burden down it.Her pussy clenched his cock with evey thrust and he knew he couldn't last much longer.When we got there, they took a sit on 2 small couches in the far end of the room, and I sat on the bed across.Our meal took almost 4 hours.“Oh, his cock's free!” Rita cried out.“Ooh, that’d be nice.” She giggled agai

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