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Below the bottom of her shirt, he caught a glimpse of the top of the crack of her small, bare ass sat atop his knee.“You would have liked that wouldn’t you Claire?”Postlude: Triple KnotAt this, Gregori seized her hair and pulled her cunt away from the steel and she fell onto her belly blinking in confusion, looking to Dmitri for instruction.‘fuck yes, cum deep inside me baby, that feels so good’ she moaned as her pussy contracted around me once again ‘uuuurrgggh, shitttt’He licked down her neck and across her tits.She had such a look of joy on her face as she flicked her tongue through my folds.“You are stimulating the bi-curious in me, especially after I watched another man blow you.She slammed her girl-dick to the hilt in me over and over, this amazing pleasure building and building inside of me.I just sat there for ages trying to absorb everything that had just been said and happened.“You’re beautiful and your hair smells like love.”“Maybe you should ask her

Harry had the idea there was no way she could take it but in one slow continuing thrust he was buried inside of her.Aphrodite - Daughter of Zeus, Goddess of love, beauty and sexualityShe also said Mike’s ‘Monster’ nickname isn’t because of size, but, because of how excited he jumped into things.I knew what that was, mine does that too sometimes.It slid in and then out.They were kinky.People tended to stay away from her as she seemed to know what people were all about before they could get two words out.“I love you!” I gasped as I bucked a final time.She thought her cunt didn't stink just because our team was undefeated so far this year with the championship game for our division coming up on Saturday.She wipes the rest off with the back of her hand as she says, panting "damnit Mark i was so close, I still am."I loved it.I just sat there with rain running down my muddy hair and body until he got soft.Wow!Their goal was to buy time for a relief force to rescue them, not win a

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