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A quick peck was all I let us have, before I got up and off the bed, held out my hand.His phone rang again.My dreams were dashed when my door flew open.He asked, “Do you want to go outside and get some fresh air?” I simply nodded my head and smiled.I could hear whoops and hollers as I went through the office.My dick grew harder and harder.For the last time, I didn’t fucking cheat on you.Sammi was a chocolate lab but she had never heard of anyone with the last name Labrador so why not have a last name with the same initial as her fictitious first name and one she could easily remember and hopefully quickly learn to respond to, so Sammi Shepherd she became.My hands roamed lower, gently pinched his nipples, and traveled slowly down his thighs which he then spread wide for me. I worked my way to his hairless crotch, hefted his balls and grabbed his brown, uncircumcised penis.“Boys, girls, attention please, and that includes you as well Mr. Adakai.I wanted to edit the town so my fam

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